Pool Repair

Swimming pool repair along with new equipment installations has changed exponentially over the years. Let’s not forget the changes in warranty procedures from ALL the reputable manufacturers. The most important part of the whole process is making sure the contractor you hire is properly LICENSED for the task at hand.


rate increases and blood moves faster. Variable speed pool pumps work much the same way. If you need more flow, increase the GPM or RPM. Moving the same amount of water, over a longer period of time saves massive amounts of money. Call us to learn more!


Don’t forget to clean your filter once a month. In this market, this still holds true. Your filter scrubs the water of debris such as dirt and oil among other contaminants. Having the proper size filter, a clean filter and a functional filter is paramount for clear water.

Pool Lights

Gone are the days of replacing light bulbs in pool lights. 98% of the time we end up pulling in a whole new light fixture with cord attached. Now most lights are not even serviceable, you are required to replace the whole light and cord. We only stock the best most reliable pool lights that will stand the test of time.

Pool Heat Pumps

Once upon a time heating a pool would cost an arm and leg. Well, not literally but that’s how you felt when the electric bill came in. Now things have changed, most clients never turn their heat pumps off because they cost so little to operate. Get a quote today!


Swimming pool automation puts your pool controls at your finger tips. Imagine you are in another state on your way home via air plane. Your back is sore from traveling, your feet hurt and that extra mile you ran on the hotel gym treadmill has your legs on fire. After adding Automation to your pool, you can remotely turn on and off virtually anything in your pool. Heat temperature, heater on and off, lights, jets, blower, outdoor lighting, solar heating, waterfalls, laminars…the list goes on and on. You can even see the current temp in real time.

Salt Systems

My pool is salt not chlorine! That’s a myth, stop drinking Jimmy Jones Kool Aid. Seriously though, a salt pool is totally worth the investment if you swim a lot. When someone says I have a salt pool, they are really saying that they make their chlorine on demand for their pool. This means no hauling jugs back and forth in your new SUV. Let’s not forget the cost of chemicals and the fact that liquid chlorine is only good for a day or 2 when left outside. Let us evaluate your sanitation requirements and help you pick the right machine for the job.